Financing Terms/Options

I am wondering what route to go to secure financing? Has anyone used a bank other than Sallie Mae and been able to get a loan term longer than 5 years? Right now I have talked with several Credit Unions who will loan me enough to get from zero to Commercial Pilot license but the repayment would be over $1000/mo. Unfortunately I am not able to attend ATP and my local flight school is not set up with Sallie Mae. Thanks for any direction!


I went through ATP so they took care of everything. I have no idea the details but the AOPA has been advertising flight training financing recently. Maybe check them out?



When I worked in the call center at ATP, I remember hearing some people
talking about financial institutions other than Sallie Mae or Wells Fargo.
I can’t remember the names of those banks, but if you haven’t already, I
would call corporate and see if they can help you find what you’re looking
for. 800-255-2877.

Thank you both for your comments and help! I’m still working through some things but am confident it will work out soon! Thanks again!