Question about Financing Pilot Training

Hi, I have a question about obtaining financing for pilot training.
I did not qualify for either sallie mae or wells fargo due to current school loans.
I am no longer eligible for grants due to using it up in getting 3 degrees.

Question is this, are there airlines that will finance my full tuition in return for working for them after graduation.
Are there schools out there that will be willing to finance my training.
I bring several things to the table in various areas of life.
Thanks for your anticipated answers.


Unfortunately the answer is no. Flight training is not only expensive but it requires a certain amount of not only intelligence but skill. Not saying you don’t have the ability but the reality is not everyone who wants to fly is successful and it would simply be a statistically bad investment for airlines. One airline JetBlue has a Gateway program to “help” pilots get started and are guaranteeing a job. The cost is $120,000. No grant, no scholarship, nada. And that’s after a VERY rigorous screening process.



Have you called ATP and talked to the finance department? They are the


Just wondering for myself. I also have student loans from finishing my bachelors degree. Did Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae deny you specifically because you already had loans outstanding?

I’m wondering also. Is your loan in bad standing maybe, or maybe it’s just a really big student loan? I find it odd they’d deny this type of loan based on having to pay for college. Also, anyone know if having a new mortgage (in good standing) could disqualify you? I never thought it would but now I have to ask. I’m sure it’s based person to person, but if anyone has any experience with getting the SM or WF loan, I’m asking if I should worry about that or not based on your own experience.

Hey Matt and Ryan, my loan is in bad standing- hence the denial.

Thanks for your answers Tory and Adam.

If Uncle Moneybanks is out there, send me some financial assistance.

Thanks for the reply. I was concerned because I also have a student loan but it’s current and I still can defer if I want for probably another year if I choose.


Everybody’s situation is different. A bank could easily disqualify somebody because of college debt. It is all about debt to income ratio, total debt load and credit score, amongst other things. The only way to really find out is to apply and see what the banks say.


Okay, Manny, thanks for the honest answer. My mind is back at ease. Chris, I absolutely plan to once I get to phase 2 of my financial debt payoff plan. It will take time.
I doubt this is helpful to your question, Manny, but when I was searching for local flight schools, I ran across at least one other lender that specifically offers loans for aspiring pilots. There could be a number of them out there… but I have no idea what their terms or qualifications are. Peace out.