First Class Medical Certificate Denied

Hello everyone, I had a mild case of depression anxiety for 5 months in college, and have proof of complete remission since then.

I sent all the information to the FAA and still got denied for my first class medical certificate. Is there a way for me to be reconsidered? They say that I can provide a written request for reconsideration but I was wondering if there is anything I can additionally do to increase my chances.

Also, what are my chances now of getting certificate in the first place? I don’t want to give up just yet, given that my condition no longer exists.

Thanks again for the input.


So let me get this straight. You applied for a 1st Class Medical, the AME sent your application to the FAA, the FAA responded with a list of instructions, you complied and sent all requested documents back, and then the FAA denied your 1st Class?

Or did it go a different way?



You really need to work with your AME on this but in most cases it’s a matter of getting your treating physician to provide supporting documentation that you’re well.


That’s right, Tory. I sent them all medical records regarding my previous condition and also proof that I have achieved full remission for a sustainable amount of time.

Yes, Adam! I will be contacting my AME asap to see what I can do further my application, if possible.

Without knowing exactly why the FAA denied your medical, your AME is your best point of contact.