Flight School ATP

I am very interested in ATP, but have already started working on my private license at a local airport. Unfortunately I probably wouldn’t be able to begin the ATP program until after i graduated college. My question is- If I get my private pilot’s license from someone other than ATP and then enroll in the ATP program, would I still qualify to possibly be interviewed/sponsored by one of the airlines that is partnered with ATP? I noticed that Republic has a requirement of a Private license earned from ATP, which is why I ask.


First off I don’t know why you say unfortunately you can’t start till you graduate college? There’s nothing unfortunate about that. Education is important and you’ll need a degree to advance in the industry. As for the Regional programs I hadn’t seen that exception from Republic (nor understand why they’d say that?) BUT rest assured there are MANY other Regionals who’ll be looking to hire you with ZERO reservations. You’ve got a solid plan. Stick to it and you’ll be fine.


Thanks Adam! And the only reason I say unfortunately is because I love flying!!! Haha but thanks for the reassurance, really appreciate it and will stick to the plan!


Republic might have that requirement, but they are certainly not going skip over you just because you didn’t get your private from ATP. I think that it is great that you are getting your private while you are in college, that is exactly what I did.


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