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Flight school

hello im 18 and about to finish highschool and i now the ways of being a pilot 1.military 2.flight school 3.airline pilot traning sporcership and i wan to know about the 3rd way of becoming a pilot like all the info and which airlines in teh us offer that kind of traing 9for example emirates offer to native born future pilots) so give me example of airline with that program and email if you want at and about flight school i would like to know about the tution reimbersment thing and how much did it cost u for all your traing


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I am not aware of any airlines in the United States that offer pilot training sponsorships. Tuition Reimbursement is different than airline sponsorship. Basically you pay for your training upfront and then the airlines help you pay off your flight training loan, up to $11,000 You can read more about that program here:

Right now the total cost of light training with ATP, beginning with no flight time, is $63,995 to $73,995 depending on which program you select. There are financing options available if you qualify.

I hope this helps, let me know what other questions you think of!


Thank for the info and can you explain what are the qualifications


What exactly do you mean? I am assuming that you mean the qualifications necessary to be an airline pilot. In a nut shell you will need to go through training and get your private, instrument and then commercial licenses. After you obtain 1,500 hours of flight time you will be eligible to apply for the airlines. Most pilots earn the 1,500 hours by flight instructing, chichis another certification that you can add on. A program like ATP’s Career Pilot Program will get you all of the ratings that you need to be able to get your self to 1,500 hours.


Oh k thank you for the info and can you tell me the cost for all those

There are a couple of options here. Go to this page and scroll down to see all of them:

Hey Chris,
Just wondering , I am 18 as well , out of High school though , and I am interested in going to ATP in Mesa, AZ. after I serve a mission for 2 years ( So I’ll be back in 2020)

But for example… I am looking pay off the students loan for flight training as soon as possible just to get it out of the way… What is the most realistic time, or how long did it take for you to pay off Flight Training? I think it would be worth every second, flying just sounds amazing to me although I am still new to learning about ATP.

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  • I am looking to pay off my student loan ( when I get one)

That really depends on you and how you save your money. I had a 15 year loan, I worked hard and paid it off in seven years.

I really appreciate your response, Your Awesome Chris ! :slight_smile:

Hey Chris so I was just reading what you were telling Mohamed. So when you say you pay off the training upfront does that mean we are paying all 60-70K or how much ever it is depending on the situation right before starting training? If that’s the case then what’s the monthly payments for? I originally thought your entire flight training is going to be 60-70K which you pay off monthly little by little and your airline that you commit to helps you with it?

I also have another question. So since you guys all suggested me that I don’t get a degree in aviation an instead Get a degree in something else if I want to fly for a major ,I thought about it an now I’m planning on going that route. I’m planning on doing ATP and get into a regional and then work my way up from there but my question is when you are flying for a regional is there enough time for you to take online courses and get a degree in something so that way I can go into the majors which I really hope to do so?Like is it a do-able/possible thing to do?


ATP’s prices are what is quoted on the website. You can either pay it off upfront, or take out a loan (if you are eligible) and pay it off over time.

You should be able to take online classes while you are at the regional, it will be hard work and certainly a more difficult path than somebody who goes to college and then flight school, but it is absolutely doable.



Definitely not easy and definitely requires hard work and discipline but definitely doable. Only you know if you’re up to the task.


Oh ok sounds good thanks!

Hey guys I uploaded a picture of a quick overview of what I believe my path to becoming a pilot would look like. Can you guys please take a look at it and tell me if I’m mistaken anywhere? Also I have been debating wether I should get Lasix done for eyes or not becuase currently I have pretty bad eye sight and later on in when I Grow I don’t want my eye sight to become an issue for me which might stop me from flying even though I do understand that you can wear glasses and all but as we grow older of course our eye sight is going to get worse. But the debate comes in where I’ve read on some websites that getting lasix done has bad side effects when you grow older…so what do you guys suggest?

Oh BTW Harper is a community college


I think 2025 is 7 years from now and many things can change. Finish HS, continue to work hard on your education and see where life takes you.


Ya I definitely agree with you Adam, but im more than certain that my desire to become a pilot won’t change, other things might change (the aviation) industry if that what your talking about but either way I’ll still want to be a pilot and based on what I’ve learned so far off of this forum I just made a quick roadmap of what I think my journey would look like so I was just asking if I’m mistaken anywhere. Does that plan sound good to you?


In a perfect world, your plan looks good. Of course this is not a perfect world and things can easily change.