Flight Schools

I’m a current private pilot, and I was wondering if anyone has heard about Epic Flight Academy? They’re associated with Ameriflight, I’m wanting to fly regional or possibly cargo. Are there any other flight schools that you guys would recommend?

Yes, i did and i don’t want to sound like mean person, but i considered joining epic before i considered applying with ATP and i was not really comfortable giving away my hard earned money . Guy who was in admission told me that after i join epic i will be able to start flying with ameriflight with 300 HRS, and when i asked him about required hours by FAA his response was "epic has special arrangements with ameriflight "

I am sure others must have had great experience with them.

Good luck!!


If you look at the top of this forum you will clearly see an ATP logo as this is ATPs forum and all the mentors on here are all happy successful ATP grads so obviously we’re partial to ATP. I’m not familiar with Epic but ATP has partnership agreements with virtually every Regional in the country and also offers a guaranteed instructor position. I’d encourage you to check out the ATP website as ATP has placed over 500 pilots at the Regionals in the last year alone. I know Epic can’t say the same.