For anyone interested in starting, but has tattoos

I have a few tattoos on three fingers and like many, researched extensively on whether or not I could keep them. The answer is, 95% of the jobs out there will NOT let you have them. No covering fingers/necks, no bandaids, etc. Sure you might “get away” with it, but you are risking your entire career and years of training.

So I decided I would laser them off and jumped into getting my PPL.

Well, yesterday was my first removal appointment and LET ME TELL YOU. Thank goodness they are pretty small, because it was fairly painful and recovery sucks. It also told me I am certain I love being a pilot because I am a total wimp but 100% going to finish removal.

So if you have tattoos that are visible, I would recommend at least testing the laser process first because if you can’t stomach the 7-10 sessions you’ll need, then no use in wasting your time and money on training.

I hope this helps anyone trying to debate whether or not their tattoos are a deal breaker.

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Way to tough it out!
Reason # 76 why I’m happy I didn’t get a tattoo! Lol
Flight Attendants were recently fired for similar tattoos they tried to hide. Do not recommend.

Good luck in training,
Chris F

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Thanks! Just had my first progress check and passed, on to the rest!

And yes, I really thought I would be a self employed kid the rest of my life lol.