Hi Everyone,

Quick question, are the airlines generally strict about tattoos for pilots? I personally don’t have any yet but I plan to get some in the future. Based on the research I’ve done, some airlines have a zero tolerance policy on tattoos and others allow tattoos coverable by the uniform.
What has your experience been on the subject?

Thanks in advance!


What’s the difference between none or covered up?


Hi Tory,

That’s my question, I’ve heard that having any tattoos can be a disqualification for employment for some of the airlines but others allow covered tattoos. Best I can tell it’s simply for the image of the airline to not have showing tattoos, but some of the airlines still prohibit tattoos at all?

Did that clarify the question?


I was being facetious :wink: because tattooed or not, if they’re covered there’s no difference. I haven’t heard of any airlines strictly prohibiting them. Seems that would be impossible to regulate. Far as I know airlines just require tattoos to be covered.



The only airline I’ve ever heard banning tattoos completely is mine, Hawaiian, and that only pertains to flight attendants. As for pilots as long as they are not visible you’ll be fine. Since you have none do yourself a favor in the future and keep them in areas covered by a normal short sleeve shirt. I know too many pilots who have to wear long sleeves in the summer due to some ink they now regret.


Does ATP request tattoos to be covered?


No, they do not, but the airlines most certainly will.


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