For those who'd like to fly in paradise


But I am already based in Newark…

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True. Ok the next best thing :wink:

Already emailed for more info. :wink:

Adam, is the cost of living, rent, house prices etc too high for Hawaii based pilots? It id definitely paradise, but is it doable? Thanks

I’ve been to Hawaii a couple of times on layovers heading to Guam for military time. I’ve always stayed at the Outrigger Reef I think it’s called close to the Shore Bird. All I know is that local strip around that area has the best Mai Tais I’ve ever had. That and the scuba diving would make this a no brainer for me if I was qualified, lol.


I’m doing it and have been for almost 7 years. So have approx. 900 pilots we have on property.


Hey Anthony, this is a bit premature but don’t forget the dive/fly intervals. Guidance from different agencies is mixed at best but consider a short call out to fly combined with a loss of cabin pressure at altitude after a normal safe dive interval = a much higher probability for decompression sickness. Easily a recipe for disaster arising even if within guidelines. Just food for thought.