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Hawaiian Airlines shutters turboprop service

Hi Adam,

What are you hearing about O’hana not restarting operations and Empire Airlines leaving all together with their ATR’s back to the mainland. It says it is impacting 82 pilots and other ground personnel. Thanks



Nothing much to hear. The company stated Ohana never really made money and decided there was no reason to continue.



Are there any regionals that Hawaiian seems to hire more pilots from? Also, are there regionals that Hawaiian does not to hire [as often] from?

Inter-island Hawaiian seems to be one of the highest QOL 121 jobs out there. Looking for any path that would look better for HR/hiring.

Thanks in advance!


Great question but honestly there’s no clear answer. It seems to go in streaks with certain Regionals seeming to be in favor. When I was hired it was ExpressJet. More recently it was Compass and the last round was predominantly SkyWest. That all said we have pilots from all the Regionals and again I don’t think it’s a matter of Hawaiian preferring a Regional, but more so pilots from a Regional preferring Hawaiian. SkyWest for example has the largest West Coast presence. For convenience pilots from Hawaii tend to want a West Coast base so they can commute our at least easily go home for the holidays etc.

Honestly I wouldn’t over think it. Again we have pilots from everywhere and it’s really more a matter of references and finding pilots who fit the culture more than which Regional you’re coming from.