Full time ATP training and life expenses

Hello, everybody. I’m interested in ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program, and it’s a full-time commitment. How do people afford things like groceries, electrical bills, etc while doing that?

Thankfully, I paid off my mortgage, but I would still need to cover my HOA fee and other monthly bills.

Thank you for any insight you could provide!


Welcome to the forum, let’s get right to your questions.

Most commonly students typically take a little extra funds out on their loan for the living expenses. I know I borrowed a little more than the tuition cost to help me out during my attendance.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with.



As Brady mentioned, you’re allowed to pull a little extra on the loan for living expenses. I know there’s a cap to it though. I’d plan on pulling the allotted amount and then whatever extra you may need covered, I’d save that up to float you the 7 months before you even start the program.

Once you’re instructing, you’ll be making an income again. Although not great, it will help. Plus if you stick with ATP you’ll have access to dozens of airline partnerships, many of which have great tuition reimbursement programs. Those can cover the monthly cost of your loan so your CFI income can be better utilized for living expenses.



While I am not in the program just yet I am starting on Mon Dec 5th. This was absolutely a concern for me. However, having a good budget and discipline it can be done (Which if you have your mortgage paid off I have to assume you do). For me, I am doing a combination of Hannah’s and Brady’s suggestions. I have saved up 6 months of living expenses and will be utilizing the “extra” on the loan to slow the drain on the savings account. The living stipend is capped at $2000.00 per month. I have made some sacrifices to reduce my monthly living expenses to bare bones necessities. Based on monthly cash flow and the amount I have saved I can “survive” 23 months before going broke. Which I hope is enough to get me through the program and instructing periods to a regional.


2 words Stevan,

Tuition Reimbursement!