Funding Issues

So, I’m having troubles getting a loan for the school. I’m trying to get another cosigner, but in the mean time I’m debating my other options.

Would it be better to wait to go to ATP, get my PPL locally to lower the overall price, and then start late next year/early 2021? Or would starting ATP as soon as possible be better? I’m wanting to start early next year once my BA is finished, and I have the money to get me through the training without a job, my only issue currently is funding.

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I’m confused by your question. First you state you can’t get approved for your loan without a co-signer. Then you say you have the money to get yourself through training without a job, but your issue is funding.

I’ll cut to the chase. If you can’t get the funding for training, you can’t get the funding. At that point you have no choice but to wait until you can get the funding somehow.



I think you are saying that you have the money to cover your living expenses while in training, but not to pay for training itself.

I do not recommend getting a PPL at a local school. I did that and it was an absolute disaster. The school was simply not equipped to handle serious students. It took way too long and cost much more than it should. That being said, if you cannot get approved for the financing for ATP, you might have to go down that path.



First off you’ve decided that ATP is where you should do your training but you want to begin your training (arguably the most important part) elsewhere to possibly save a few dollars? Think about that. Second the idea that you’ll be saving training locally is a myth. While many local schools advertise a price for your PPL quoting the min requirements, the reality is if you factor in the 78+hrs required, most people pay the same if not more.

Finally since pilots have a finite amount of years they can work, every year you delay will cost you literally hundreds of thousands in potential earnings.

Your call and your decision but I wouldn’t wait any longer then I absolutely had to.


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Sorry, I worded that poorly, I was trying to say I have money for food and living expenses for while I’m going through the training.

Chris, Adam,

Thank you for your response, that is the same thing I was thinking as well. I’m still looking for other cosigners for the loan for ATP to see if I can get in. But, if not, sadly I think taking my PPL locally first may be my only option. I’m currently working with Wells Fargo for my loan, I’m not sure if Sally Mae would be any better for it, but if I can’t get another option I will likely give it a try.


I applied at both Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae. I don’t have anyone that could co-sign for me, so Sallie Mae was my best option as Wells simply wouldn’t lend me enough to cover both the training and the living expenses. I funded the 9 month program, checkride fees, supplies, ATP housing and the living stipend through Sallie, and the amount was sufficient to get me through the 8 months it took to finish the program. Nothing like a finite amount of money to motivate you NOT to slack off…

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You should apply to both lenders. You can always deny the loan if you get approved by both.