Getting Closer!

Just got approved for my student loan and will be setting my start date for January 8th at the Charlotte location. Finishing up most of my 2 year this semester, which ends the first week of December. After that I will have 2 aviation classes left for my degree in Aviation Management. (Plan on taking those classes after training.) Already gotten my medical before I got the loan to make sure it was possible. Was planning on doing housing through ATP, but everything has gotten booked for housing. Hoping to be able to afford housing for 7-9 months. Also thought about driving. It is a hour and half drive from my house to the airport. Is that to much for an ATP student?

Is it an hour and a half total or both ways? I plan on going to the same location and I live something like 45 miles south of there. It’s going to be about an hour drive for me but I’m not going to add financing an apartment for 9 months to my loan. Not to save 45 minutes of drive time. I would think that as long as you show up early and stay late to get your study time in, all you will be doing is giving up a little bit of personal time everyday. That’s my take on the situation but I’m not currently in the program.


Entirely up to you but know you will have some long days at ATP and 3hrs of driving every day can be taxing. I’m also a fan of the camaraderie and mentoring that takes place at the housing. Definitely was helpful to me.


Thank you both. Yes Jeremy it is a hour and half one way. That’s the thing I don’t want to add 7k to my loan really.

I have family in that area and was thinking about going to either Charlotte or Raleigh. I would be about the same distance from both. I had the same thought of saving the money and stay with Fam.

I would love to stay in an apartment with other people and talk aviation all the time but, I’m married with 2 kids. I’m already going to have to put them on the back burner for the duration of the program so that’s not even an option for me. That is the reason I didn’t go to ATP 10 years ago. Airline minimums were WAY less and the program cost half what it does now. 3 hours is a long time in the car but I do understand what Adam is saying about comradeore. It’s a wonderful thing, it’s what I miss the most about being in the military.

Understand, but ATP said they don’t have any housing open until March if I start in January. So I’ll have to get my own place unless I find someone there that wants to share an apartment.