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I’m 47 years old. Served 12 years in the Marine Corps, been a truck driver for 18 years Of that 18 years I have owed my own trucking company for 13 years. I have 79 hours of flight training and I’m trying to finish my Checkride. Passed my oral exam and weather turned bad. Went back 2 days later and had magneto failure during run up checks. Between club plane mechanical issues, flight school plane mechanical issues, instructor availability and the weather in PA, October ‘19 will be 2 years trying to get my PPL. I am suppose to do the Checkride Sept 5th in a different plane. I feel like I am wasting my time staying local because of all the set backs. I would like to fly professionally and teach. I am looking at ATP to move forward with my training and avoid all of the set backs.
Financially it is do able.
Should I do ATP, or continue on my current path with all the set backs

Hi Shawn,

If you are really looking to fly professionally and ATP is financially doable, then there is no faster way to reach that goal as far as I know. Just keep in mind that you probably will not be able to work while going through the program.

I also had a similar experience to you while I was trying to get my PPL at a local school; between weather, instructor availability, aircraft availability and my own availability, I was only getting 3-4 hours a month, and half that time was spent trying to remember what I did last time and get comfortable in the plane again. Very slow process. That is what finally pushed me to enroll at ATP.


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“Should I do ATP, or continue on my current path with all the set backs”.

You post is EXACTLY the reason I decided to train with ATP. Almost 2 yrs, you still don’t have your PPL and you only have 79hrs. You say you’d like to “fly professionally and teach” and that means at a minimum 250hrs+. At the rate you’re going that means another 4 yrs JUST to get there and you’re over 50.

If you had started with ATP Oct '17 you literally would be getting ready to go to newhire training at a Regional airline. Frankly I don’t understand what the question is?


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I’m with Adam. Based on the information you provided, you don’t need us to tell you what you should do, but since you asked, cut your losses. Stop blaming the flying club’s problems on your lack of progress and start training like you mean it.


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Thanks Tory

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I had a very similar experience when I was getting my PPL. The whole process took much longer than should have and cost way more than it should have. When I went to ATP, I graduated exactly on time and paid exactly the amount of money that I was originally quoted.

I think if you really read your post, you can answer your own question.