Getting hired with city ordinance violations

Hi so I am aspiring to get hired to the regionals and eventually work up to a legacy or major airline. I am currently a commercial pilot working on becoming a certified flight instructor. Now that I am finally getting close to getting a job as a pilot, my past “criminal history” is something that keeps me up at night. When I was in college and 19 years old I got a minor in possession on alcohol and a fake ID charge. Neither are ’ misdemeanor’s’ and the lawyer I got said that it should not be a problem when I get a job because they are city ordinance violations. I am not really sure what the difference is from a city ordinance violation and a misdemeanor but I know for a fact that both of those charges are city ordinance violations and my lawyer said it shouldn’t be an issue. I know the FAA and especially airlines are very serious about crimes that involve alcohol. I am well aware of commercial pilots must be “of good moral character”.

So my question is whether or not an actual airline would even look at my resume and did I just waste 10’s of thousands of dollars on flight training

If you’ve remained clean your should be fine. You don’t however mention any issues getting your medical. If you didn’t disclose this on your application, WHEN (not if) it gets discovered by the FAA they will notify your airline and that will be an issue.



I really appreciate you reaching out.

I have not mention this to my AME and if I get these records expunged, will it still be an issue? And what could be the repercussion of not reporting it within 60 days or whatever the time frame is?


If you were not convicted AND were not driving you’re ok. If however you were operating a motor vehicle it must be reported.