Getting Hired at an airline

Hey guys,

So I am thinking about enrolling in school to get my commercial license. A couple of things though, I have not finished my degree, and I have been arrested for a dui but was not convicted and it was dropped to a speeding ticket, ive also been arrested a few other times for non drug or alcohol related offenses. Nothing violent and all of it was dropped and is not on my public record, but from my understanding if I was booked the airline will see it. Should I pursue becoming a pilot with these things against me? This is something I definetley want to do but I need some further opinions before I go all in.


We address this in the FAQ section but in short there’s no simple answer. It’s no secret airlines don’t like criminal records. It could make it difficult to cross certain borders (Canada) and in the event of an incident it doesn’t play well in the press. There is no simple chart that says “2 misdemeanors are ok if there are no moving violations etc”. Also time plays a big role in all this. Where these arrests 10yrs ago or last week. The best thing anyone with a record can do is to remain clean and put distance between themselves and their crimes.

My best recommendation would be to reach out to some Regional airline recruiters and ask.