GI Bill utilization at ATP (Airline

Can the Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) G.I. Bill be utilized at any ATP locations for the Airline Career Pilot program? I have already earned the Private-Single Engine so I’d be looking to fund my Instrument Rating, Commercial-Single Engine, Certificated Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Rating (Commercial add-on) and Multi-Engine Instructor Rating with the G.I. Bill if that is possible.

Since ATP trains under Part 61, my understanding was that the G.I. Bill could not be utilized for the Airline Career Pilot program and the certificates/ratings I listed in the first paragraph. The Weams Institution Search is the VA tool that shows which schools can accept the G.I. Bill and I was surprised to see the ATP locations in Mesa, AZ and Jacksonville Beach, FL shown as accepting the G.I. Bill. Is this correct?

Thank you in advance for your help in better understanding how the G.I. Bill can be used at ATP!

I am not sure why ATP is showing in those search results, but you are correct in that because they are a parr 61 school, they are not able to accept the GI Bill.


From what I’ve been told you can use some of your benefits for checkride fees which is approx. $6,000. If you don’t have a 4yr degree you could of course save the benefits to earn that later as the Majors desire one.


Ian -

I believe the flight dispatcher program offered by ATP is covered by the GI bill, which is likely why they’re in the database.

Andrew McL

Thank you, Chris

Thank you, Adam, and that’s very interesting that you’ve heard there is potential to use the Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) GI Bill to soften the financial blow on checkride-specific costs. Where did you learn about this?

I should’ve included this in my initial post, but I do have a 4-year/Bachelor’s degree already.

Andrew, Weams Institution Search (the VA’s database of what institutions & programs are eligible for the GI Bill) specifically listed “Flight” (not Dispatch) programs at the ATP locations in Mesa, AZ and Jacksonville Beach, FL. It even lists specific aircraft (C-172, DA-40, PA-44 in Jacksonville Beach, for example) and simulators, so it doesn’t appear that the VA database is referencing Dispatch programs in any way when it shows these 2 ATP locations as eligible for the GI Bill. I don’t understand why these 2 ATP locations show as GI Bill-eligible, but I want to figure it out.

If you check the link it asks: What types of tests can I get paid back for through the GI Bill? Click on that and you can check but you’ll find EVERY FAA license and rating is listed and the amounts are pretty good. Def enough to cover the fees.


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Feel free to call ATP admissions and ask them directly. They will tell you that they do not accept the GI Bill.


Ian -

I know exactly the website, you aren’t the only vet.

It also says “0 GI Bill student” for each location. Also, you “may be eligible” for tuition benefits (checkride fees). Again, admissions will be able to clarify for you.

I found the same to be listed, although I’m not post 911 eligible, just regular, it appeared to me it would fund housing and books?.. not sure, still trying to figure it out.

No, not housing or books either.