Health insurance (Medicaid) during training

This is somewhat of an off-topic, but because I had to quit my job to train at ATP (of course absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made), I lost my health insurance,

It appears I qualify for PA Medicaid but I don’t want to sign up yet. I’ve heard that at any company, not just limited to airlines, tend to look disfavorly upon Medicaid recipients. Is there any truth to that? I also don’t want to take advantage of any system but I’m really trying looking out for myself. Just don’t want to hurt hiring chances down the line. Is any of this true?

Thanks in advance for you responses.


I’ve never heard of anyone have any issues with regards to Medicaid. In the off chance it comes up you have a very good explanation. Interview panels are made up primarily by pilots and believe me we ALL understand the sacrifices required to reach our goal. I’d sign up.



Thank you very much for your response! Good points. Yeah, I think it’s something I should do as well.

All the best!


I too have not heard of any companies looking unfavorably at Medicaid recipients. If that’s true, it’s completely unfair and says a lot about the company. I had MediCal when I was a CFI and was glad to have it because I really needed it that year. Take whatever you can get. You’re better off putting your health before what a company might think of you.



You’re absolutely right. That would be a case of discrimination. I’m happy those benefits worked for you in California. I’m going to go ahead and get them to see me through ATP.

Really appreciate your response! Best in all,