High school student options for future

Hello everyone. My name is Niels Van Hout, I’m 17 and starting up my senior year of high school. My parents are both pilots and have opened me up to the pilot lifestyle and after an introductory flight, I am very interested. I’m trying to figure out whether I need to go to college to get into the airlines or not. Or should I join a school like ATP, and do an associates at my nearby community college. The info of flight school options is very overwhelming for me at the moment and I could use some pilot knowledge. Thanks.


If both your parents are pilots I’m surprised they don’t have an answer to this question for you (unless they do and you’re hoping for a different one?).

Regardless while the Majors don’t require a 4yr degree they must certainly prefer one and if you don’t you’re may be severely limiting your career. Even ATP requires at least a 2yr degree (or comparable work experience) so going straight from HS isn’t an option. Further is always a good idea to have a backup should flying not work out.

Go to college, get your degree and then go to flight school is the recommended path.


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If you can, I recommend Running Start to get ahead on your college degree. That could speed up your progress towards becoming a pilot.