High school student

Hello guys, thank you for being able to answer all my questions and all. I really appreciate it. So, I am a high school student in Louisville Kentucky. I want to be a commercial pilot when I get older( I’m a 17 year old junior in high school now) and I was just wondering what should I do? I had read on one of the previously asked questions that you guys said to go to college for a few years. I was wondering exactly what class it is called or if it’s just a flight program and one of the local universities.

Ay I’m a high school junior in Louisville too.

Hello Brett,

There really is no specific course of study or degree required. In fact you can get hired as a Regional pilot without a degree at all. The problem is at your age you will most definitely want to advance to the Majors and they do require a 4 yr degree. Many pilots think they will bypass school, start flying and get their degree later online or part time. While that’s possible it can be very difficult and challenging which is why we recommend that while you’re already in “school mode” you just keep going and get your degree. It’s also advantageous in that it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B just in case things change (you decide flying really isn’t for you, the industry goes downhill, some medical issue, etc). So if there’s something else you’ve thought might be cool as a career I’d recommend you get your degree in that. If nothing else once you’re a senior Capt at a Major with 20 days off a month you can have a second business or career in case you get bored :slight_smile:

Btw, you don’t mention if you have any flight experience (and no going to visit grandma or on vacation sitting in the back of a 737 doesn’t count)? If the answer is no I STRONGLY recommend you go to your local flight school (ATP does have a Louisville location) and go for an Intro flight. Chances are you’ll love it but some people don’t. No point planning your future career if you don’t know for certain it’s really something you like.


There’s also 3 flight schools right by Bowman Field which would probably be closer since the Louisville ATP is actually just across the river in Sellersburg, Indiana and also on ATP’s website it says that Intro flights require you to be 18 whereas those other local schools don’t.

Thank you Mrunal.

As I said, “I STRONGLY recommend you go to your local flight”, ATP was just a suggestion plus they give you more of intro to not only flying the plane but the whole training experience.