Higher chances

Hi, I just graduated high school 2 days ago and i plan to pursue an AA in computer science…

Is that kind of knowledge needed in the cockpit ?

And will me having a background in the science field increase my chances of being hired at American (my goal) or any other airline…?

and what are the best scholarships for those who want to go ATP?


Congrats on graduating HS!

No computer science won’t help you in the cockpit but that’s ok. The Majors want you to have a degree, but really don’t care what you study, as long as you do well. Honestly what would impress the airlines is if you work on your writing skills as communication is very important in aviation.

As for scholarships you really won’t find any. The thing is not everybody can or should be a pilot and the airlines and flight schools are reluctant to invest money in a person until they’ve proven they have some ability. The good news is after you complete your training there’s Tuition Reimbursement and many other bonuses available to recoup the expense.



Welcome back to the forum and congratulations on graduating high school!

Computer science is not going to give you any advantage in the flightdeck; however, it will in life as you will have a backup plan if something in aviation fell through. Airlines (I use the term vaguely) want you to have a degree, whether it’s in Mathematics or Computer Science, as long as you check the box, you’re alright.

You will not find many (if at all) any scholarships for ATP (or maybe in general). Flight training is very expensive and most students take out a loan. ATP has a partnered financial lender, Sallie Mae that gives students a good option loan for attendance. Once you complete training, as Adam said, there is Tuition Reimbursement where you can receive a few thousands in respect that you will fly for the airline for at least 2 years (this is general). Not only can you get stipends, there is also perks such as seniority number for training, employee number, travel benefits that you could see across different cadet programs. Every cadet program is different and I recommend checking in detail before you signed any offers to ensure you chose the best one for you.