Highschool classes

I’m currently A Junior in High school and I have a few questions I wanted to ask about courses that may be good for me. I have already taken two years of foreign language, one year of auto technology, and currently I’m taking Chemistry and Law as 2 different electives. There are many courses I can take next year like engineering, buisness, Advance Physics (I already took regular and passed with an A) and many more classes. I’m pretty sure the best classes for me may be something in the Science, technology, engineering, mathematics academy at my school. I’m good at math and I’m currently in advance Algebra honors, maybe should I take a second math course? There are many electives I can take related to science and math. Is geography a good elective that I can take ? I was thinking about taking an engineering class. I know what I take as an elective will most likely not affect me, although I want to take some classes that may be able to extend my knowledge on things that are as closely related as possible with aviation.


As far as becoming a pilot no one is concerned what you study. The Majors simply want a4yr degree and that you do well. Study what you like and have interest in.