HIMS Psych Eval

Has anyone been through a HIMS psychiatric eval/meeting and can shed some light on what the experience consisted of?


Hopefully someone will chime in but there are many threads on the subject. I suggest you do a little searching.


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Thanks for the reply. I searched around for quite a bit but could not locate anything specific to what all was in the meeting. Thanks again !



I have, but I would describe it more as a meeting or a discussion. The AME just reviewed the reports from my doctors and then asked to hear my story.

It was by far the easiest part of the process.

For some backstory, my medical was deferred because I had been prescribed antidepressants after my dad died. The FAA follows standard procedure in these situations. I was required to follow the FAA’s instructions by being tested and screened.

Only after I had completed everything that the FAA asked of me did I meet with the HIMS AME to review and discuss my situation. From there the AME made his recommendation to issue my medical and then sent everything to the FAA for final review. The HIMS AME acted like more of a liaison for the issuance of my medical.


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