Battle with HIMS

Hello everyone,

I am new to this group as for I found myself reading many HIMS related posts on here. And I decide to join the group.

Well heres the deal, In Jan 2020 I started. the process for my Class 1 Medical, At same time I started college to work on my Bachelors of Science in Aviation at Liberty University (online). When I applied for my Class 1 I had to let FAA know that I was prior military as Airborne Infantry and had been to combat on multiple deployments to Afghanistan. I also had to notify them that I was arrested while asleep in my parked truck in a parking lot, I was taking a nap after working 13hrs out in the hot sun after I went out to eat. Didn’t think anything of it just knew I was to tried to drive. Long story short Police came asked me to do a field sobriety test I complied then they asked for a Breathalyzer, which I denied but informed they could do other test. I was just not going to put my mouth on a Breathalyzer as personal choice. Little did I know GA law says if you decline a breathalyzer. immediate arrest. Spent night in jail they did not conduct any other tests and my lawyer got everything dropped case close no charges not guilty, due to no evidence of intoxication or alcohol present. So in reality I shouldn’t of been arrested nor should it been on my record. Well after FAA saw that they assumed I was an alcoholic and requested HIMS and also for mental tests due to combat in military. So since then I have paid $3800 for Neuropsychological exam, did the testing the Dr said I passed all the tests with flying colors and looked great. Six months later now in December I received a new letter now asking for Psychiatric evaluation. And my Va disability benefits letter. Im currently in college and am trying to do all non degree seeking flight classes until I get my medical since I need it to fly. Im sure I should of never started college until I had my medical. But to be honest I had no idea they would be so intense when I have no record of absurd conditions or criminal records. I have had no tickets or arrests. So my question is has anyone else had to go through this process? What was total cost at the end? And what is the precentage rate of actually making it through the process?


Long short the FAA and the airlines take any drug or alcohol related offenses VERY seriously, as you’re finding out. If everything you’re saying is accurate they will sort through it but it’s going to take some time and while this is a priority for you, it’s not for them.

As long as we’re on the subject I do need to point out the 2 conflicting statements you state. While charges can be thrown out arrests can not. The question is have you ever been arrested and you were. The reason I’m bringing this to your attention is the same question will be asked at an airline interview should you get one. While I appreciate your frustration the above makes you sound like a person who accepts no responsibility for their actions and who’s bothered that they’re being made to go through this process. That will not play well in an interview. The FAA and the airlines have a responsibility to protect the flying public and they do so by doing their due diligence. It’s not personal and you should understand that.


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While this may be frustrating for you, this is standard procedure. Regardless of your version of the story the fact is that you were arrested and you did refuse a drug test. Those events are taken very seriously. It appears as though your frustration stems from the fact that the extra testing and costs associated is a surprise to you. I know that that’s not very helpful, but it’s true. Once this is all over, you’ll feel better.

As for your questions, I have gone through the HIMS process. It’s slow. Especially now with COVID I imagine it’s even slower than normal. The only way through this is to follow the FAA’s instructions and then wait patiently for their decision. It’s difficult to say how long this should take. It’s a case-by-case basis. Mine took 9 months I believe. I don’t remember how much it cost, but I remember that it took about 3 months to complete the FAA’s instructions, and then another 6 months for the FAA to issue the medical certificate.

If you really want this, don’t give up. If this was a lost cause the FAA would have flat out denied you. Because the FAA is requesting more information, that’s their way of saying, “Maybe.” The only way to know if they will issue you a 1st Class Medical is to follow the instructions. The good news is that once they’ve issued it to you, renewing it is as simple as it is for anyone else.


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I appreciate your feedback, and your criticism. I agree with you that I have a salty feeling about it. But I also need to understand it all happens for a reason. And you’re right it does make me look like I am not owning up to what happened. I need to change my attitude to be more accepting of what is going on and realize that I was in the wrong and now I just have to follow through the process to be able to move on. I understand that the FAA is doing what they need to, to ensure the saftey of pilots and aviation community. Thank you for your reply it is appreciated.


I have read a lot of your posts in different discussions. I agree with you, what happened happened and I have to own up to it. Regardless of my personal opinion the I have to own up to what happen. I have been working with the FAA, providing them everything they requested in timely manors. I have done everything Docs have requested. I understand that this has to happen in order for me to try and move forward and be granted a 1st Class Medical. Its a rough start to a lucrative career, but I am learning patience is the key to potentially winning this. All and every posts I appreciate all advice and criticism to help me be better and going through this HIMS process.
Thank you.