Housing Help/Overview

Hi all! A few quick more subjective questions for anyone who’s willing to answer. Is Housing worth it? What is the experience like for those who have utilized it? I will be living 30 minutes from my ATP location so I’m curious to see what your thoughts are on the matter. I am looking to save money everywhere I can if at all possible but not at the expense of quality training or hardship getting to my location on the daily. Thank you!



30mins isn’t a bad drive and totally doable. Personally I enjoyed the comradery of the shared housing and lack of distractions, but I really don’t think it’s essential. There are plenty of study groups at the training center.

I’d save my money and stay home provided there aren’t too many distractions.


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You don’t need housing for a 30min commute. 30min of your time + gas doesn’t make renting closer make sense.

Make some friends and build a study group. We usually stayed at the training center until after rush hour most days anyway (studied and/or grabbed food at local restaurant).


Thirty minutes is not bad at all. I would save the money and continue to live at home.



I would say that the 30-minute commute is reasonable and will still give you the time of rest, study and personal needs. Save your money and expenses and continue to live at home.