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School housing vs small drive

I am planning on starting my flight training soon. There are two schools near me, one is a minimum drive of 30 minutes with zero traffic and the other is 40 minutes with zero traffic. The school that is 40 minutes away has housing available. Would it be worth it to stay at the housing or would it be better to just continue living at home and drive the 30-60 minute drive everyday?


The 10min difference is a minor factor so I wouldn’t even consider that. Personally I’m a fan of student housing. When I did my training with ATP I stayed in the student housing and found having others in the various stages of the program very beneficial. I was able to study with my partner, get tips from those ahead of me and help those behind which reinforced what I had learned.


How nice are student housing? How many beds and bathroom are there?



This is a personal decision. I did both. I lived at home as a student and I lived in housing as a CFI. The 10 minutes isn’t a deal breaker. Do what you think is best for you.



For only a ten minute difference, I would absolutely live at home and save the money. I would not even think twice about that.


How does housing as a CFI work? is it free or discounter or the same as a student?


ATP housing is only offered for students in the program.