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Hey everybody, looking to start my training here soon. I love about 1.5 hours from the nearest training base. I’m willing to drive but wanted to know is this something I’d be able to do with the workload?


In all honesty while it’s doable it’s definitely not ideal. You’re going to have some really long training days. Tack on a 3hr commute and it doesn’t leave much time for study or rest.

I’d look for something closer if possible. If not maybe try it but if it’s too much and is effecting your training have a Plan B.


Students at the training center I used to lead that lived more than an hour away struggled significantly more and were the highest drop out rates than students that lived close. Not only is it fatiguing to drive that distance after long days but often times the difference between getting through on time and a month late is those last minute texts to get the airport because a plane got out of MX early or the weather cleared up at the last minute.



I know a student that is based out of my training center and they drive roughly 2 hours every lesson and then, thankfully they have friends that live closer where they can sleep for a night or two if need be. The drive could also set you back time that you could be studying, ATP provides a ton of video modules for certain phases of the program and each is very important, not to mention the amount of video modules you’ll receive from the King School online videos. To echo on the importance of health, Adam brought a great need in our life, rest…you will also have to find time to eat: Are you a fast food type of individual? Are you a food preparer? You know your routine better than anyone here, if you’re not staying healthy in your own way, staying focus and well prepared for a lesson can become extremely challenging.

If ATP Housing is an option to you, the housing that I have checked into seems fairly close to the training locations.


Hi Jordan,

From an admin perspective, we typically look to see that you have less than a 30 minute commute to the training center - this is to ensure your success in the program. As Hannah mentioned from her experience, students that lived more than an hour away struggled significantly more. ATP does offer a convenient housing option (usually 10-15 minutes away from the training center) for most of our locations as an alternative!



I personally think that is too far. That is three hours of your life in a car, everyday.Those three hours could be spent studying, sleep, or relaxing, most importantly studying. I would really encourage you to look for options closer to the airport.



Can it be done? Yes. Are you a morning person? You better become one. I taught a couple of students that had comparable commutes and they did fine. If you have the option to live closer, take it. If not, plan accordingly!


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