Housing & Instructing with ATP

I am currently determining between which ATP location to attend. I have a few questions that could really help me make the final choice.

  1. Do newly hired instructors automatically get moved from the location they have trained at? Is there a way to make sure that you stay at the same location? Also, are you going to be relocated for training to be an instructor (CFI)?

  2. In regards to the ATP housing, do I have to live with other students? Can I bring my fiance along for the ride? Are there 2 or 4 person apartments? It would be more cost effective for me overall in the cost of living department to have someone else around. Most apartments do not rent for 6 months & if I will be moved for instructing this could be costly.

  3. How do I chose my start date? OR does ATP chose that for me?


  1. Newly hired instructors do not necessarily get moved but you definitely might. When you successfully complete your training ATP you’ll be given a list of available locations at which point you’ll have 3 choices: a) hopefully they’ll be one you like, you take it and be happy, b) you accept a location you don’t really want but appreciate you’re there to build time and hope perhaps your location of choice becomes available in the future, c) you say thanks but no thanks and look for a job at another flight school (or perhaps something other than instructing) elsewhere. In short there are zero guarantees you’ll get the location you want. As for CFI instruction, ATP only does CFI training at a few locations (JAX, ATL, PHX). If you’re not doing your training at one of those locations you will definitely be relocated for CFI training. Even if you are however, depending on instructor and/or examiner availability you may still be sent elsewhere.

  2. ATP housing is only for ATP students and instructors. No spouses, fiancé’s, girlfriend or support animals are permitted, period. You will be sharing the housing with as many as 3 others but that can vary.

  3. You chose your start date or at least approximate. The earlier you lock in a date the better chance you’ll have of getting the one you want.



Let’s get to your questions.

  1. Newly hired instructors chose from a list of available locations, you might get your choice, you might not. Keep in mind that you can always put in a transfer request back to your desired location.

  2. ATP housing is only for ATP students and instructors. Your fiancee will not be able to live in the apartments. The apartments are generally two bedroom units, with two beds in each bedroom, so four people per apartment.

  3. You will pick your start date from a list of available dates. You will do this through the admissions department.


Hey Matt—

I will try to address your questions from a current student perspective.

  1. Like the airlines, ATP will consider your location preference but will give you availability/choice where they have instructor needs. Those literally may change daily. You have to kinda stay engaged and on top of things with the Jacksonville office in order to end up where you want. Some locations are highly desirable and if you want to stay where you are a student, treat your time there as a student as a job interview. Be the type of employee that your training center manager wants there. Trust me—they pay attention and I do believe have some leeway of helping you end up where you want.

  2. No fiancés or girlfriends in ATP housing, and trust me, that’s probably not a bad idea. There’s five of us right now in one of the ATP 3-bedroom apartments and it’s quite “cozy”. We have students with long term partners that had to put a pin in the relationship through training simply because they have no time for a relationship. If you don’t see being able to spend time away from her, you can always move wherever you’re going first and stay in ATP housing to start while looking for a roommate/living arrangement. People do it all the time—make friends after they move and get a place together outside ATP housing.

  3. Each location start date will be based on space availability. Some locations have wait lists that are 2-3 months long. I recommend you pick 2-3 options, call Eric Priester in admissions and weigh availability at each of them. Best of luck!


Thank you for your replies. Is there a web page that shows the start dates for each location? Kind of like a college online enrollment to pick your classes? When I get moved for CFI training, will I have to find a new place to rent? Or will I be put up in ATP housing? Adam, I will make sure my support animal stays at home :wink:


ATP currently doesn’t advertise each location’s start date because start dates are dependent on a dynamic student:instructor ratio. Follow the enrollment steps on their website.

If you have to relocate to one of the CFI training centers, you will be placed in ATP housing.


If you’re relocating for CFI school to a different location, housing there is free (double occupancy). Obviously if you’re staying at the location where CFI school is held, your housing will not be free.

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