Location Choice/Housing Concerns

Unfortunately I don’t live close to any of the training center locations, so I would be forced to relocate temporarily while training/instructing. What are your opinions on choosing a location? Are the bigger/busier locations better? For example, I’m in the middle of the country…how would the atmosphere at one of the Dallas locations compare to Bowling Green?

I see that not all locations have housing available? Does ATP assist in other ways in helping you find a place to reside during your training/instructing periods? How did you approach your temporary housing? What did you bring? I don’t really want to lug around a bunch of furniture/cooking/cleaning stuff for such a short time period. I’m not really keen on the idea of sharing a bedroom either.

I’m around 40 years of age and have lived within 20 miles of where I do now my entire life. It’s scary as I start thinking about the life changes I would be making if I choose to go down this path. I’m single/no kids and very financially stable but bored to tears in my current work. I want to see more the country and meet new people. Send some encouragement my way…I basically need to be convinced one way or the other.


ATP strives very hard to standardize all of their locations, the large locations and the small locations still have a similar aircraft and instructor to student ration. I would simply chose the location that is most convenient for you and not think too much past that.

Other than ATP offered housing, ATP does not assist in locating housing for students. I believe that most people find temporary housing through various internet websites or through extended stay hotels.

Where do you reside? Have you seen if there are any airlines that have domiciles nearby you? If not, you are setting yourself up to be a life long commuter, or to move closer ro work at some point. Also, where do you intend on instructing to build your 1,500 hours of flight time? Is there a school near you that is busy enough? I am from a small town in Michigan, so I understand the desire to stay put, but these are things that will need to be considered.


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I’m near Memphis…As far as training/instructing, I would probably prefer a midsize metro area. No schools near me that I know of that would be busy enough to accumulate hours quickly. I would want to instruct through ATP once done with training. Now once I was to reach hiring minimums and was to get hired, I think I could be open to moving to my assigned base and maybe maintaining something where I am at now.


First I have to say that I’m not here to convince anybody to do anything. You’re a grown man and these are grown man decisions. I also take exception to the phrase “I would be forced to relocate”. Any and all of this is voluntary and no one is putting a gun to your head.

As far as training locations go there is no “better”. The best location is the location that works best for you. Whether that be for geography, climate or population. Have you ever had the desire, been curious or simply heard good things about a certain city or state? Well this would be the perfect opportunity to get you feet wet without a full-blown relocation. All ATP apts are furnished and come with the normal amenities. You just need to bring your clothes, toiletries and other comforts and most are near shopping so you really don’t need to bring much if you just want to get some new. That said it is shared housing so if you’re not willing sacrifice possibly sharing a bedroom you will have to make your own arrangements and that’s all on you.

Finally it sounds like you’ve been pretty comfy for the last 40yrs but it also sounds like you want a little more? And why not? Brad there is literally a whole world out there you’ve yet to experience. I’m a weird guy, I love food and music and it kills me to think that the tastiest thing in the world to eat or my favorite song I haven’t experienced yet so I’m always looking for it! At 40 you’re not old but you’re not young either. If you’re serious the time is now. Totally your decision but there’s some really cool stuff out there!



Thank you Adam for your thoughts.

Anyone have any recommendations for locations that would have a low cost of living while training? Hard to justify $1000+/month for a single bedroom apartment.