How Can I Learn More About Pilots And Aviation As A Teen

I’m currently 14 turning 15 soon on september 16, and I just really want to learn more about aircrafts and aviation, so when they day comes for training I will be ready and have a little more knowledge about flying.

Alex my friend you are in luck and you’re already doing it! When I was your age I had to go to this strange old building called “The Library”. It was dark, smelled funny and there was a mean old woman who’d yell at you if you said anything louder than a whisper (I also had to walk 20 mi each way uphill in the snow with no shoes!). But alas young man all you need to do is Google your way to happiness. Any question, any info, any picture is merely a click away! Sarcasm aside you are incredibly fortunate. Search away my friend!


Haha thanks! Imm thinking about visiting the library also and checking out some books.

Books? They still have those? :slight_smile:

Haha, Of course :joy: