How closely do the Major Airlines look at G.P.A's?

I had lunch today with a family friend who’s a pilot for Sun Country, and he was explaining how the majors look at applicants’ college grade point averages. How seriously do they look at G.P.A’s? Do they sometimes even like to know how well a Pilot applicant did way back in high school?


As far as I know they don’t. At least they didn’t in my case because mine was less than stellar. Listen much of the education portion of your application is really checking boxes to get past “gates”. Did you graduate HS? Yes, check, Do you have a BA Degree? Yes, check, etc. Now if you had a 4.0 gpa sure I’d stick that on my resume but if not I promise you it won’t come up. I know pilots with Masters in Aeronautical Engineering and I know pilots with BAs in Art Appreciation (and yes I know some without degrees at all). The thing is getting that interview which these days is a pretty easy thing to do at the Regional level. Once you get to the point you’re applying to a Major again it’ll be checking the boxes to GET that interview. At either once you get to that interview the focus won’t be on your education, it’ll be about your aviation knowledge AND most important are you the kind of guy I wouldn’t mind being locked in a cockpit for 6 hrs with.


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When I interviewed at Continental there was supposedly a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0. I do not know how strictly they stuck to that, but that was what they said.