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How long does it take to rank up?

How long does it take to change from FO to captain, and with ATP am I guaranteed a chance of becoming a captain?

Thank you.


Upgrading to Captain is really a function of seniority. When you’ve been at an airline long enough and there’s an open Captain slot you’ll have the opportunity to bid for it and if your seniority is high enough to hold it you’ll get the slot (and then have to successfully complete upgrade training). This can happen in a little as 2yrs at a Regional, but can also take 20yrs to hold widebody Captain at a Major.

As for guarantees ATP cannot guarantee your career progression. ATP is a flight school. While ATP has helped more pilots achieve their dreams of becoming an airline pilot there are no guarantees you’ll be successful in the program or you’ll get hired by any airline. No flight school can. What ATP can do is give you the tools you’ll need to be successful, the rest is up to you.


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