How many people can accomplish within 6 months?

Im considering to attend atp fight school. I know its a really fast track program that can get you everything done within 6 months. But i was wondering if there are actually a lot of people who really finished the whole thing in 6 months. It takes a lot of energy and gotta do lot of studying so im not sure if my body and brain can follow the program… can someone give me an advice? Thank you

Hello Jeff and welcome,

The fact is the majority of the students complete the program in six months. Those who run long the cause is usually weather or some other scheduling delays vs their lack of abilities. Jeff this is actually a frequent concern and it’s understandable. The thing to consider however is if you don’t think you’d be able to keep up with ATP’s accelerated training what makes you think you could keep up with the training at the airlines (which is considerably more intense)? You see ATP was started by airline pilots to train future airline pilots and they modeled the training after the training you’d receive at an airline SPECIFICALLY to accomplish just that. Prepare future pilots for what’s ahead and it does which is one of the reasons ATP graduates get hired by the airlines and have been for decades. The fact is the program isn’t for everyone but honestly not everyone can be an airline pilot. It does require a certain level of skill and intelligence but also a tremendous amount of hard work. Bottomline, if you’re willing to work and train hard you should be successful, if you’re not well…


You are totally right Adam. Thank you so much for the great advice.