How to become an airline pilot

Hello, my name is George Rozzi, I am a freshman in high school and I live in Indiana. Recently, I have been very interested with becoming a Commercial airline pilot in the future and was wondering what the path to there would look like. I have looked at some other posts and many of them say you need to have a 4-year degree to become a commercial pilot, but I was wonder what degree you would recommend to become a pilot in the future.
All responses are appreciated!

At your age the answer couldnt be easier. Finish high school, get good grades. Apply for every scholarship and grant you can find so youre bot buried with student loans for half your life. Any major you like, its completely irrelevant to the airlines. Then get your first class medical and go to flight school.

Far more crucial than your college major or anything besides your first class medical is not having a criminal record. No DUIs or drug charges, no minor in posession, no drunk in public, no reckless ops, no juvy record, no adult record, nothing more than a speeding ticket. No matter how long ago or if it got cleared up in court or expunged or sealed, doesnt matter, any run in with the law (especially if you get arrested) you will have to answer for to the FAA and to thr airlines. Doesnt matter if you get arrested for stealing a candy bar as a 14yr old and go fo your medical at 50yr old, it will hold you up.

So you have a decision to make. Cant tell you not to partake in high school and especially college party lifestyle, but those carry cop risks, and if flying is something you genuinely want to do with your life, even one arrest can be the end of your flying career long before it begins


Roman makes some good points but you need not be a Saint and parties and other extra-curricular activities are fine as long as you stay out of trouble.


Why do I need a 4 year degree if I’m not going to use it?@adam


Because while the Major airlines don’t require one they do prefer one and if/when hiring slows down you’ll want to be competitive.



Tons of reasons other than just for hiring and competitiveness. What would your gameplan be if there happened to be another pilot shortage or something health related prevented you to fly?

Another way to look at a 4-year degree is a backup plan if something aviation fell through.


yes i see your point and i have decided i am going to Purdue and majoring in Aviation Safety Management