Senior in High School

Hi! Wow, this site is amazing. I have read many posts…there’s just so much! I have a son who is a Senior in High School this year (he is an honor roll student) , and very interested in becoming a pilot. I know he needs a degree (4 year for big airlines)…My questions are
1…a degree in ???what??? Is there a specific degree that he will be expected to have to be a pilot?
2. We live in Ohio (Cincinnati), should my son be currently working on something while he’s still in H.S.?
Thank you ahead of time!!!


First and foremost, while we appreciate you checking in for your son, if he’s truly interested in becoming a pilot HE should be the one asking the questions. As for yours:

  1. The Majors want a degree but don’t care at all as to the field of study. With that in mind I always encourage people to get a degree in a second career/interest they have as a “Plan B”. If for some reason flying doesn’t work out there’s not much you can do with an aviation degree so why not have a backup.

  2. Best thing your son can do is study hard and stay on the honor roll and continue that through college. Once he’s got those boxes checked he can dive into his flight training full time.


Too funny! I was just giving my son a hard time for having me do this…so, he got your message loud and clear!! LOVE IT! Thank you so much for the quick response!

Hey there Adam my name is Rodrigo and i am currently a Junior in high school and i am interested in becoming a airline pilot right after high school. I don’t know if you guys have any type of shadowing,showing of what it is being a pilot . Another question that i have is if were to become a airline pilot for a company such as Fed-ex would i have to get a commercial licence.One finally question is after getting a 4 year degree how many more years would i have to do of study and what else would i have to do for training and etc.


I recommend you take a look at the FAQ section as it will answer most if not all your questions.