How to commute properly

I have been researching here and on several other websites like youtube about how commuting logistically works. My question is, how do you do that, do you have to call anyone, book anything, or do you just walk up to the gate and talk to the gate agent?



Totally depends on the airline. If you talking about jumpseating on an airline other than your own, some you need to list, some you just show up at the gate. Most airlines have a procedure for their pilots to list on their own metal and its most often an online booking. When it comes to your own airline it may be solely based on seniority while others do it first come first serve. Again it all depends.

Whichever it is if you’re a commuter you’ll figure it out pretty quickly.


ok thanks, have a great day!


There are also commuter friendly airlines and those that aren’t. Some have commuter policies meaning as long as you have 2 options to get to work, 1 valid and a backup, you’re golden. If it doesn’t work out then you can’t be penalized. Others don’t. You can cut it as close as you like to get to work, but it’s on you if you don’t make it.

It comes in to play more when you live in a small town. With only 2 flights a day and a commuter policy that says 3 flights minimum, well that would make for a tough commute each way.


I think that I will be fine, I live in boston and intend to commute from boston, to a new york base. there are a huge amount of flights that go in between those two major east coast cities.


Most of the time sure, but keep in mind both BOS and NY/NJ often fall prey to the same bad NorthEastern weather. LOTS of cancelled flights and if it’s forecasted (which it usually is) you’re expected to get there the day before etc.

You’re fine till you ain’t!