Could someone explain how commuting works? Everyone has a different answer haha

So what I’ve gathered is you have to have two flights scheduled, it’s standby and all based on seniority, and that it majorly sucks lol.
What am I missing?


Some airlines have the “2 scheduled flights” as part of their commuter policy but not all. It’s really very simple, it’s YOUR responsibility to get to work on time and rested. How you do it is entirely up to you. If you listed for the jumpseat early on your company it’s based on seniority but on other carriers it’s first come first serve. If you have a trip that starts early that means you’re commuting in the day prior, if you finish late you’re stuck another night. If the weather gets bad or it’s holiday etc you might need to come in 2days early to be safe.

Not recommended by anyone who does but the latest stats say 70% of pilots in the US commute.


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There is more to it than just having two flights. Basically, you need to make sure that you get to your base, regardless of weather, full flights, delays, etc. The two flights rule varies from one airline to another, but that is just to protect you from getting in trouble for not making a trip in time. Even when the “commuter clause” is used, it means that a trip is dropped without pay and one can only use that so many times before the company will be asking questions.

I have commuted for 15 years because of where my children live. I would recommend avoiding commuting at all costs. It is stressful and incredibly time consuming.