How to prepare the flight plan for instrument rating checkride

During my initial instrument rating checkride, I was intimidated by how I would write down the “flight plan” as I only got down the nav log (true course, altitude, origin, waypoints, and destination, as well as distances). However, during my private (VFR) checkride, I didn’t have to write down the flight plan form; just the cross country log. Any suggestions in regard to that?


I would clarify this with your DPE and instructor. However, typically they like you to have the paper Flight plan for your IFR flight just like your cross-country NAV log in Private. This time instead of ground points as each line on your nav log, you use the points in your IFR flight plan.

For example, fix ABC, fix DEF, XYV… instead of Red Barn, Railroad crossing, etc. Then you fill out the rest of the nav log exactly the same as you were doing before with wind correction, fuel calculations and ETAs. Does that help a bit?


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I must ask, are you an ATP student or training somewhere else?



I am not sure if you are asking about a flight plan or a nav log, but regardless, this is the type of question that needs to be directed to your Instructor.

It’s been a long time since we’ve filed flight plans ourselves. I am sure they have changed slightly since we last did anyway.

Out of respect for your Instructor and also out of caution for potentially providing you with the wrong information, your Instructor should really be the one to help you with this.

After all, your Instructor endorses you, certifying that you have received all necessary training and have been found proficient in all applicable subjects, not us.