How to start?

I know I want to fly. Not sure if I want to do commercial or private however it’s my dream job to fly. Where to I start? What are the first steps into this career path?

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All of these questions are answered in our FAQ section:



You say you “know you want to fly” but you don’t mention any fight experience? Are you saying this because you’ve enjoyed being a passenger or think it looks really cool when you see planes overhead or at the airport? The reality is while many people believe they want to be pilots until you actually sit upfront with your hands on the controls you really don’t know for certain.

The very first steps is to take an intro flight or lesson at your local flight school (if there’s an ATP location nearby that’s even better). After that it’s simply a matter of getting trained and deciding your career path.



The first step is definitely an introductory flight. Beyond that, take a look through our FAQ section as we have a ton of great information there. Also check ATP’s website as they also have quite a bit of information about becoming a pilot. Welcome to the forums.