I have a slight stutter

i have a slight stutter. it doesnt stop me from talking or limit me. i just get stuck on a word for 2 seconds. when I say the word the second time around, I don’t stutter. this happens randomly, not due to stress at all. like once every now and then max. can I still be a pilot?


We obviously don’t know the extent of your stutter but the ability to communicate is critical.

I recommend you take an intro flight or lesson. See how you do and get an assessment from an instructor.



It is difficult to comment without actually hearing your stutter or if it gets worse under pressure. Iw Ould recommend taking a few flights at your local flight school and seeing how you do. Part of. being a pilot is being able to communicate very clearly, especially in high stress situations. Two seconds can be a very long time in an airplane. Go flying and see how you do.



I agree with the others here, speaking clearly is very important in the aviation field; therefore, as already mentioned, I would recommend taking an introductory flight and few lessons at your local school. If you feel that your stutter may impact you, you could consult with an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) and see what they would have to say… after all, they will be doing your FAA Medical Certificate basically saying: “I find this individual fit to fly,” or defer you to a specialist at the FAA.