I have PPL. Want to continue my career

I have my PPL back in 2014. Now i want to continue my study. But I’m 39 years old now. I read all this topics about age. But i have my PPL. Can anyone give me idea that i can finish quickly my ATP?


You don’t say how many hours you currently have and that’s the single biggest factor to obtain your ATP. You MUST have 1500hrs total time. ATP has a program that starts you with credit for your PPL (and min 80hrs) which you can complete in 6mos. You then would still need to build time instructing (or other means) until you reach the 1500hrs.


I have total 160 hours. I started my IR back 2014. But I have issue with my visa and can’t continue my training. Now i get my green card and ready to continue.

To answer your initial question, ATP’s training program is six months for those that have a PPL. That being said, the ability to effectively speak, read, write and understand English is very important in aviation. From the looks of your posts, I would suggest that you continue to work on improving your skills in that area.