I have some questions

So me as a single mom and financial situation, my state will pay my all tuition and tools fee for my college.
and i found one college that has degree program named ‘Professional Pilot’ (It’s associate degree).
they will give me private and commercial pilot certificate but they don’t say anything about ATP certificate.
In this case i have to go flight school to get ATP certificate after graduate college?
college that i’m trying to get in has some pilot certificate programs.
and as far as i know ATP is more for multi engine which is looks like they have.
i will put college program so plse give me answer that i can get ATP from this college or not.

and here more question.

is ATP certificate require at least 2 year degree?

i’m 5 ft tall, is it can be problem to be pilot?


You’re a little confused about how this all works. No flight school or university program will include your ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate. AFTER you earn your licenses and ratings you will have to then build the required 1500hrs of flight time (traditionally by flight instructing plus other required times, cross country, multiengine, instrument etc) and then the airline that hires you will train you for your ATP as part of your newhire training. There is no college requirement (ATP FLIGHT SCHOOL, not the certificate, requires either a degree or work experience).

If your state will in fact pay for all your college that’s great. I would however verify that they will pay for the flight training portion as well. Many colleges have aviation degree programs but the actual flight training is often a separate component and is usually very expensive.

Your height is not a problem.



Another thing that I would point out is that you need to be proficient in the English language to be a pilot, this is an FAA requirement. From your writing, it looks like you might need to make some improvement in that realm, I would recommend signing up for an English as a Second Language class in your area.