I want to become an airline pilot, but I don't know were to start

Hi, currently I’m a 15 year High School freshman in Phoenix, Arizona. Ever since I was small, I’ve traveled on planes and I’ve loved it so much. I’m honestly still thinking about what I want to do career-wise, but an airline pilot is one of my aspirations.

Currently, I’m keeping up with all my classes and trying my best. I’m looking at different colleges and what they have to offer, lately I’ve been liking Arizona State University & University of Southern California; I’d like to go to either of these.

One of my biggest dreams has been to be a pilot for a major airline and travel the world. It seems like one of the best jobs anyone could have; flying through the skies at more than 500 mph, having the most amazing views, and it’s just awesome. I need help on choosing what path I should take in order to achieve this, I don’t want to go into the military. I’ve seen that major airlines require a bachelor’s degree, does it have to be related to this job, or can it be anything? Where can I get all those flight hours, licenses and all that? What requirements do I actually need? I’ve also heard that taking flight classes can be expensive, are there scholarships available? I’d like to keep everything in my state, Arizona.

If somebody could help me figure out what I should do, I will really appreciate it!

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As far as your education goes you can (and should) major in anything you like. I often say you don’t need an aviation degree to be a pilot BUT you do need an accounting degree to be an account (dr, lawyer etc). You’re young and as you said you’re “still thinking about what I want to do career-wise”. Lots can happen and it’s always good to have a Plan B. As for the rest of your questions I recommend you spend some time browsing through the rest of this forum, particularly the FAQ section (https://airlinepilot.life/c/Ask-your-questions-and-get-real-answers-from-real-pilots/frequently-asked-questions). There’s tons of great info here and it’ll answer many of the “how” questions you have.



The best thing you can do now is study hard and do well in school. From there I would recommend going to an in state college as it is far cheaper than crossing state lines. From college, your best bet is an accelerated flight training program. Take a look at the FAQ section and then let us know what specific questions you may have.