Incorrect medical

I got a new fist class medical today, and the height information is incorrect. So I have to wait a week till the faa mails me a corrected version.

I’m just curious is the one I got with the wrong height information invalid?
I was supposed to have a Checkride this weekend and I’m curious if I can go into a Checkride with this medical having wrong info on it? Can I still train or do I have to wait?

Thanks in advance fo your help!

I honestly have no idea on that, you will need to check with the FAA or directly with the examiner.

In the future, never leave the doctor’s office without verifying the information on the medical certificate.


Im with Chris, you’ll need to contact the FAA but EVERY AME I’ve ever seen will hand you the medical for review before you sign it.


Lance, if you call the division that oversees the area where you live, you could get them to email you your medical. I’ve had them email me my medical I. The past because my passport had my middle name and my medical didn’t so I imagine theyd still be doing that type of thing