Interested in Aviation Need Help!

Hello All! I had a few questions about what to do and how to really start getting into training and when I should really start.

Experience and Info: I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and looked up some flight schools and went on two Introduction flights so far at American Flyers in Addison. I got a little motion sick the first time but the second time was great! Currently I am going to UNT and getting my Aviation Logistics BA (4yr) and it seems I will be graduating in 3 years rather than 4 as I have a lot of credits and worked over summer. There are some electives I am looking to take that help with your written portions of PPL and other licenses. So my projected college graduation is 2019 or early 2020.


  1. Are there any books about aerodynamics, flight regulations that you can recommend?

  2. Do you think starting PPL training next summer while attending college and working is a good idea? (I won’t be able to fly after the summer as much because of internships)

  3. Does ATP allow for 4 year degree Bachelors to be in their program?

  4. Should I get my PPL at a local school and pay full without loans then go to ATP?

  5. Have you ever gotten motion sick on one of your flights and do you eventually get over it?

I enjoy flying and want to keep at it and start this next summer when I have the money and time to do so. Currently I have college classes but I am looking to further my knowledge so if you have any tips or recommendations please let me know.

Thank you so much for your help and hopefully I wasn’t too picky with my questions.

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Hello Hosam and welcome,

Good questions so let’s jump in:

  1. There are TONS of books on EVERYTHING aviation related. That said depending on where you train they should supply you with all the materials you need. The FAA is a great source of info since they’re the ones that not only write the rules but also do the testing. All the FAA publications are available free online and they’re a great place to start.

  2. No I don’t. While I appreciate you’re anxious to get started, if you aspire to be a professional you should train like one. Consistency is key and part time training is inefficient, costly and probably won’t save you any time. I’d wait and jump in with both feet when you can.

  3. Of course, why wouldn’t they? In fact a minimum of either your PPL or a 2yr degree is required.

  4. Again I wouldn’t. See 2.

  5. Personally I haven’t but I understand many people do but overcome it with time.



Let’s get straight to your questions.

  1. I recommend the Jeppessen Private Pilot Manual. I wouldn’t spend too much on it, find one on eBay. Bear in mind that none of this will make a lot of sense without the aid of an instructor.

  2. I would not recommend starting your private while in college, even during the summer break. I did exactly that and it just proved to be too much. I think that it is best to focus on your studies, finish college, and then go to flight training.

  3. I am not sure I understand your question here. ATP requires two years of college or work experience. Anything beyond that is even better.

  4. That is up to you, but I wouldn’t do it. I think it will end up costing you more in the long run, plus you will lack continuity in your training. I got my private at a local school, it was a mistake.

  5. No, not really, but I know those who have. Usually it goes away in time.

I understand that you want to get up in the air as soon as possible, but I really think that you should focus on your college first. After college find a fast track flight school, this path has proven to be a good one for many a pilot that I know.


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Thank you Adam for your reply I will look up FAA and see if I can study while I have some free time!

Thank you Chris for your quick reply and I will do just that and wait till I am done with college and start at ATP!


I agree with everything that both Adam and Chris have said. I have one more
thing to add to your question about books. If you’re patient enough to wait
to start flight training after college, ATP will ship all of the necessary
books to your door. The books and other training materials are included in
the tuition.

If you don’t want to wait, then I recommend The Pilots Handbook of
Aeronautical Knowledge and also the Airplane Flying Handbook. The book of
regulations is called the FAR/AIM, but that one will definitely require an
instructor’s assistance.



Thank you Tory for your response I will take a look at those handbooks and start a little bit of studying and prep when I don’t have anything else to do aviation-wise!