Intro Flight and Thereafter

Good evening,

I’ve locked in my intro flight date of next Wednesday at the Morristown, NJ location! I’m super excited, I’ve been waiting to find a good week to do this for a while. I live in Virginia but I am traveling up there as the location is a little bigger than the Richmond location which would be closest. My loan terms have already been approved, and I plan to lock in a start date for late September / early October after graduating with my online Associates in Aeronautics degree in September.

I plan to attend ATP at the Phoenix-Mesa location and thus I wanted to get the atmosphere of a bigger location without having to pay to go all the way out to PHX just yet :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any tips for the intro flight and any information on what I should start working on after to get me fully prepared to start training?




I’m sure the mentors will have more for you but my 2 cents is: soak it all in!! If you don’t have a past of aviation and this will be your first time just enjoy the moment.

I remember my discovery flight years ago and just being awestruck at the beauty of it all.

Also ask as many questions as you can think of as most student answers should be pretty much the same across the board from MMU to PHX and same with the CFI answers.


Tom is right, it’s an Intro flight and it’s more about the experience then anything else. If you come on this forum the day after and cry that you weren’t that good, your skills were lacking or you thought you’d perform better bla bla bla I will yell at you! You’re not a pilot you’re seeking to become one. It’s a path of 1,000 steps and this is literally step 1. Go up, relax, enjoy, it’s not a career breaker. It’s an Intro flight.

As always we recommend you start working on your writtens after you secure a start date.



The absolute best thing that you can do to prepare for the program is to complete your written exams prior to starting. I had all of my exams completed and it was a huge advantage to me. It will allow you to focus on other areas of flying that are more relevant to what you are actually doing.


Hey Chris,

Where could I start studying for this written exam? Looking forward to your response.

Thank you!



Once you put a deposit down with ATP they will provide you with access to the King Schools and Sheppard Air written prep software.