IRA and FII passed today, 2 months to go


I’ve been reading this forum for a while now and using it as part of the toolkit in preparing for ATP, especially recently on how I’ve been preparing for the insutrument written. To me, learning has always been about gaining the deep understanding of the topic first before trying to test on it but after reading so much on here about people trusting Sheppard Air for the test prep I went with it, stopped reading all the books and just focused on Sheppard.

Well today I took my IRA and the FII based on recommendations from this forum about doing them back to back and scored a 93% and 98% respectively. I actually would have scored even higher on the IRA but I decided to second guess myself when going through at the end and changed 2 correct answers. Need to learn to trust my first instinct more here.

When I did the FII I even got 10 questions exactly the same so to anyone else thinking about taking them back to back, definitely do it!

Anyway, onto the CAX now! And just 2 months to go until my start date


Good work. Keep it up!


If you have some juice left in you, hit up the IGI test as well. It is extremely similar to FII.

Bravo Robert! :clap:t3: Those are great scores.


Hi Robert!

Congrats on those test scores! I’m about to take my IRA written and use the Sheppard’s method.

They (Sheppard) told me, that the IRA database has fewer questions and would not include the majority of the FII questions. Is that the case?

Did you just use the IRA database and then took the FII?

Not sure if this is a recent change, or if it is just their “marketing” answer. As ATP students we have free access to their software…

Many thanks!

Hi Stephan,

From what I’ve read there are about 10 questions or so on the FII test that are not on the IRA test but they will be very similar and you would have a very good chance of getting them right anyway as they are all basically the same. The FII is also 10 questions less than the IRA and I got 10 questions repeated which helped. I would suggest taking the FII immediately after the IRA so long as you scoring in the 90’s and you’ll be fine.

I think part of Sheppard saying that and the disclaimer on the app is for liability reasons, since they “guarantee” the questions and answers they probably want you to buy the next package so you see the few other ones which aren’t there and they get more money from you, since they are a business after you.

Hey Robert!
Appreciate the info and feedback! Good luck on your CAX. Trying to get all my written’s done as well. My start date is on October 15 @ FXE.

Best, Stephan