Is it cheaper to get a PPL at a different school?

Is it cheaper to get a PPL at a flight school other than ATP, or is it not a very good idea?


I follow a Facebook group with thousands of student pilots. Many of those pilots take over a year to get their PPL. ATP takes 7 months to go from 0 to CFI. Just throwing that out there.


Yes, but I was wondering if a PPL at a different school is a cheaper option. I’m not worrying about the time


While many believe they’ll save money getting their PPLs locally that is rarely the case.

The local schools quote the total cost based on the FAA minimums. Problem is few finish anywhere near the mins. Further training part time is very inefficient and there are far too many aspiring pilots who have cost themselves way too much time and money chasing their ticket.

The only time we recommend getting your PPL first is if you’re not 100% certain flying is for you and want to do some training to make sure you’ve got the aptitude for it.


Thank you adam.

Also, can you just get a PPL at ATP flight school, or do you have to take the full course with commercial cert, CFI rating, etc.

ATP only offers the program with or without your PPL. You cannot get any single license or rating.

This is something ATP pioneered over 35yrs ago as the school was created by 3 airline pilots who saw there was no such a program available with the purpose of training pilots for the airlines. It has since been copied by everyone but never duplicated.