Is it hard?

Hello first timer here I’ve been reading countless topics on random headings that looked interesting. To be completely honest I don’t really understand Most of what I’m reading yet, but I have one overall question. On a scale of one to 10 is going from never operating an airplane before (but dreaming about it for years) to going through flight school, to working through the ranks with different airlines. A difficult task or is it an enjoyable time and something that you can look back on with a sense of pride?

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Both. Learning to fly and going through the ranks is incredibly difficult, that is why so few people do it and thus why major airline pilots get paid as much as they do. But just because it is hard does not mean that is also not rewarding. I have found my career to be very rewarding and have enjoyed every step of it along the way. Sure, there were some nerve wracking parts along the way, but I am very glad that I have chosen the career path that I have.

Have you taken an introductory flight yet?



I bet you’d get a range of answers to this question, but most successful pilots will tell you that it’s hard. Regardless of what a pilot tells you, the fact is that flying is not for everyone. Some people never figure it out. That’s why it’s important that you start by taking an intro flight, like Chris said.

If you’re still having doubts about flying as a career, but you want to give it a shot then I suggest starting off with earning your PPL. After that, you can make a determination of what you want to do next.



As the others have said, I’d say it’s definitely both but you’ll get answers on both sides. Overall I don’t know anyone who’ll say “it was easy” because it’s not. How much satisfaction you get from it is an individual thing. But if it truly was your dream, how could you not get a sense of pride and satisfaction if you accomplish it?