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It's been a while!

Howdy y’all!

Figured it was time to check in, since I’m now 6 months out from finishing the program. I’ve been instructing out of Tacoma, WA (TIW) since February, and as of last week have had 2 students pass checkrides (one commercial, one instrument), and move along in the program. My third student is in the Private phase, and we’re planning on his solos this weekend.

Just wanted to check in, and give a look at we’re up to in the Pacific Northwest!


Hey Bennett,

Thanks for checking in. Far too often people come on prior to the program with questions, give us status reports during training, but then disappear into the ether. Good to hear you’re doing well, building you time and honing your skills. Sounds like your timing might be perfect as the Regionals have begun accepting applications again.

Thanks again and keep us posted!


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Thank you for checking back in with us and letting us know how you are doing. It is great to hear from people like yourself that have been successful and are well on their way to accomplishing their dreams. Please continue to check back in with us.


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Hey Bennett!

Hello from the other side of the Sound! I haven’t flown into TIW personally, but I can imagine the approaches over the water are spectacular. You couldn’t ask for better weather this week too.

2 for 2! Your first private student is typically the student that really tests your abilities as a CFI. The questions a student pilot asks will surprise you and the things they struggle with will challenge you for the better.

Best of luck,